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Another Murderous Attack in Jerusalem; Six Civilians Killed and 86 Injured

The devastated bus and area after the bombing
The devastated bus and area after the bombing
On Friday, 12 April, at 16:15 another murderous attack took place in the main market of Jerusalem, the Mahane Yehuda market. The attack occurred only shortly before the start of Shabbat when people were finishing their Shabbat shopping. The murderer detonated the bomb at a bus station just as a bus arrived in order to kill as many people as possible. The sight after this inhuman attack was terrible. Parts of bodies had been strewn all around. The condition of those who were murdered was so bad that they could not be easily identified. The murderer came from Hebron, the holy Biblical city, a place to where Israel has still not taken the offensive against the terrorist because of American pressure. Again Israel has paid a terrible price of blood because of listening to the American president and giving in to his pressure.

This cruel murder happened at the same time as the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, was meeting with the Israeli Minister of Defence, ben Eliezer, and other ministers of the Sharon Government after having met Sharon in the morning. In thee meetings, Powell put pressure on the Israeli Government to immediately stop the offensive against the terrorists and to order the Israeli Army to leave the areas of Judea and Samaria, especially the area of the headquarters of the arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat. This terrorist attack was the terrorists’ response to Colin Powell.

One of the lightly wounded victims after the bombing
One of the lightly wounded victims after the bombing
The feeling of the Israelis after this cruel attack which again caused the shedding of Israel in blood in the streets of Jerusalem was that President Bush and the American Administration prefer to keep their own interests of oil and Arab support more than they care about hundreds of Israelis who have been killed over the last months. This again shows that Israel should and can trust only in the G–d of Israel and her own ability to protect herself and not to trust anyone in the world, not even President Bush and the American Administration.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement again calls on the Israeli Government not to listen to the Americans or give in to their and the European Union pressure. They must listen and obey the G–d of Israel and His commandment to the people of Israel to protect themselves from their enemies and not to listen to any of the nations. None of these hypocritical politicians from the nations will care if something bad happens to Israel. The most that they will do after such terrible murderous attacks will be to condemn Israel and immediately afterwards to call on Israel to give in to the enemy, to surrender the land, and leave the Biblical areas of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. This is the same behaviour as at the time of the Holocaust. Their "tears" after such a murder are crocodile tears. In most cases they don’t even condemn these murderous attacks. Another reaction to such attacks against Israel is the continuation of the attacks in their own lands when synagogues in Europe are burnt, Jews are attacked in the streets, Jewish cemeteries are desecrated, and anti-Semitic behaviour abounds.

We trust in the G–d of Israel that He will continue to strengthen the Israeli soldiers to destroy the terrorists and murderers and the evildoers in the Biblical areas of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza until terrorism and murders are completely removed from the holy land of Israel.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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