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Colin Powell Meets With the Arch -Terrorist and Murderer, Yasser Arafat

A Shame on the United States and All Humanity!
G–d will never Accept This

This report was written a short time after the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, met with the arch-terrorist and murderer, Yasser Arafat, at his headquarters in Ramallah. His headquarters is still surrounded by the Israeli forces after Israel was pressured by the American Administration into leaving the area which is close to the headquarters.

This was a three hour meeting of shameful negotiations. The meeting was actually held in order to save this murderer from the Israeli forces, to stop the Israeli offensive against his cruel terrorists, and to ask Arafat to stop the terrorist attacks against Israel. At the same time that these shameful negotiations were taking place, Israeli intelligence received reports that additional terrorists were attempting to kill Israelis in the streets. Again, this was the answer of this arch-murderer to Colin Powell who asked satan to no longer be himself. Can a leopard change its spots?

Evidence of a shameful meeting. Powell shaking the bloody hands of the new Hitler, Arafat
Evidence of a shameful meeting. Powell shaking the bloody hands of the new Hitler, Arafat
This shameful and anti-moral meeting is a terrible mistake and sin. Instead of allowing Israel to arrest this war criminal — who will never stop his activities until he has killed every Israeli — and bring him to a court of law for the murder of thousands of Israelis, the Secretary of State met with him, shook his hand and negotiated with him. Can any American imagine that President Bush or his Secretary of State would meet the other arch-terrorist, bin Laden, after murdering thousands of Americans in New York, shake his hand and negotiate with him? What President Bush did not even consider doing with bin Laden, Colin Powell did with Arafat and expects Ariel Sharon to do the same.

This terrorist has been responsible for murdering more than 3,000 Israelis. The ratio of this figure to the total Israeli population of five million would be equivalent to around 180,000 Americans. Many thousands more were injured and will remain so for the rest of their lives. Arafat's one goal is the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a "Palestinian" state in its place. He will not stop until he has achieved his goal. The Israeli army found large numbers of weapons at Arafat's headquarter as well as official papers which show that he ordered terrorist attacks against Israel. The Israeli forces also found many forged American dollars and Israeli shekels that Arafat and the heads of the so-called "Palestinian" Authority had printed. He now has together with him in his headquarters the heads of the various terrorist organisations, in order to protect them from the Israeli forces. Also with him are the killers who recently murdered the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Rachevam Ze'evi. He is as sly as satan himself. When he speaks in Arabic he calls on the Arabs to destroy Israel and to occupy Jerusalem to which end he says that he is willing to sacrifice a million Arabs. When he speaks in English he appears like a white dove of "peace". He is an inveterate liar and one can never trust his word. His hands are full of blood and evil; Colin Powell met with this new Hitler, shook his hand and negotiated with him. There is no doubt that this meeting is evil in the eyes of G–d and everyone who has G–d in their hearts and has a conscience and a sense of morality. This meeting took place after President Bush had repeatedly stated that Arafat is evil and responsible for all the terrorist attacks against Israel. Bush refused to meet him or shake his hand. What has happened that has caused him and his Secretary of State to change their minds?

President Bush and Colin Powell are now making all the efforts to stop Israel from bringing Arafat to a war crimes trial in Israel or even from ejecting him from the land. They are pressuring Israel into negotiating with him as the leader of the so-called "Palestinians". Colin Powell came to Israel to save Arafat and to bring him back into the focus of the Arab leadership and to force Israel to accept him as a negotiating partner. Again the American president and administration want to force Israel to make another false "peace" with a false and evil partner which will never bring peace but only more and more murderous terror attacks against innocent Israelis. They are trying to force Israel to make the same mistake that ex-president George Bush, Sr, made in the Gulf War when he did not complete the war against another arch-murderer, Sadam Hussein. He left him as the president of Iraq and in this way gave him even more popularity and power to continue to carry out his evil. Now President Bush Jr. prepares for another war against Sadam Hussein and Iraq which will cost much more in American and Israeli blood.

What is even more evil and dangerous is the fact that in the name of the United States, Colin Powell has suggested a package deal which includes immediate international recognition of a "Palestinian" state before any negotiations take place. This plan was published yesterday's Weekly Journal of The New York Times. This Journal also reports that Colin Powell is more popular amongst the Arab leaders of the Middle East than any other American leader and that he implored the White House to take a more "balanced" position between the Israelis and the Arabs and not to be too pro-Israel. According to Powell's plan, Israeli will give up land to a "Palestinian" state in the Gaza Strip and evacuate the Israeli towns and villages there. Also according to the plan an international conference will be called which will decide the boundaries of the "Palestinian" state and what will be its capital. All of this will be situated in the land of Israel which Israel will give up. Also American observers will be sent to the land of Israel together with international funding for the so-called "Palestinian" state. The Times Journal also reports that the State Department and close aides to Colin Powell have complained against the American Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, who supports giving a free hand to Prime Minister Sharon in his war against terror and completely rejects any compromise with Arafat. They report that Donald Rumsfeld was against Powell's mission to the Middle East.

This meeting of Powell with Arafat and the subsequent bad and evil plan are completely rejected with contempt by the G–d and people of Israel. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement today asks the Secretary of State, and the American president if he is behind him: How do you dare to put yourself in the place of G–d Who more than 4,000 years ago gave the holy land to the people of Israel in an eternal covenant and even forbad Israel from making any covenant with the foreign inhabitants of the land (Exodus 34:12)? How do you dare to make plans to take away from Israel the most biblical parts of the land in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza in order to establish a foreign terrorist state there and in this way reject and attempt to cancel the plans of G–d and the eternal covenant that He made with Israel? How, as the leaders of the major physical power in the world today, do you dare to feel that you can act like G–d Himself and lead the world and Israel in the place of G–d? The G–d and people of Israel will never fear any physical power. Together with G–d, the people of Israel will overcome the new plans to take the land of Israel from the people of G–d and give it to terrorists and murderers.

The G–d and people of Israel are warning everyone in the world who would try to persecute Israel and to rob her of the small land which G–d gave her. Your plans and your opposition to Israel will never come to fruition. The G–d of Israel, the Creator of all the World, will not allow you to fulfil your plans. Israel does not fear any physical human power. Only the G–d of Israel and the Universe controls the destiny of Israel. He is now leading His people in an exciting prophetic end-time process of redemption and no one in the world can stop His plans or challenge Him.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement calls on those American people who have remained friendly and faithful to Israel not to allow these ungodly plans to be fulfilled and not to allow anyone to create or bring about such anti-godly and anti-Israeli plans. We also call on President Bush and his Administration to reject and immediately cancel these plans and to stand with Israel with complete faithfulness to the Word of the G–d of Israel and not to join the anti-Israeli policy of the European Union and most of the entire world.

Israel is becoming more and more isolated among the nations. But Israel will never be lonely in the world. Israel has and will forever have her beloved G–d Who more than 4,000 years ago created this nation for His eternal purposes to be a holy nation, a kingdom of priests, and a treasure among the nations. Since we started this godly mission among the nations we have so often found ourselves to be lonely because the nations were not ready to accept Israel as the people of G–d, the apple of G–d's eye, and His messenger to the nations to bring His Word and light to them. Thanks to G–d, Israel has overcome all the persecutions of thousands of years and survived as G–d's eternal people and firstborn son.

It would appear that the end-time prophecies of all the nations coming against Israel to destroy and persecute her are coming to pass and the focus will be Jerusalem. Jerusalem is also going to be the focus of G–d's judgement against all of them in the valley of Jehoshaphat as the prophet foretold. This is the last opportunity of the few remaining friends of Israel, especially the United States, not to join with the enemies of Israel and with all the nations who are now gathering against Israel. Israel is a very small minority among the nations but a great majority together with G–d. The G–d and people of Israel will win the battle. This is not only a battle for the land of Israel to be a holy land and not a land of evil and terror but also a battle for G–d, His morals, and His justice and for a godly and moral future for the nations themselves. The battle of the nations against Israel together with her Arab enemies is also a battle against G–d and His morals. The nations are going to lose the battle and the base of their existence.

The G–d and people of Israel will never forget their friends who stand with Israel today with great love and faithfulness. You are the pioneers of a better humanity based on G–d's principles and morality. G–d will redeem you together with Israel and He will bring you to His city and house which is going to be rebuilt in joy and great love. "Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon my altar; for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples." (Isaiah 56:7)

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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