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A Horrible, Satanic Terrorist Attack in Israel by the Terror Organisation of the Arch-Terrorist, Yasser Arafat

A Young Mother and Her Two Children Plus Another 2 Adults Murdered on Kibbutz Metzer

Noam (4) and Mattan (5) who were murdered.
Noam (4) and Mattan (5) who were murdered.
On the night of Sunday 10th November, a terrorist, a so-called "Palestinian", from the terrorist organisation of Yasser Arafat, Fatah, entered Kibbutz Metzer and murdered 5 Israelis. It was one of the most horrific and satanic terror attacks to have been committed in Israel over the last years.

The terrorist entered a house and in cold blood and at close range murdered a young 34-year old mother and her two small sons of 4 and 5 years of age. The young children were sleeping in their beds with their dummies (pacifiers) in their mouths. The terrorist came to their beds and had no hesitation when he aimed his gun at their heads and shot them. When their mother tried to protect the children with her body the terrorist murdered her as well.

When the Israeli Defence Force arrived on the scene they found the 3 victims dead and hugging each other. The dummies were still in the children's mouths and the bed was covered with their blood. The soldiers and para-medics who came on this terrible scene were shocked and later said that they had never before seen such a cruel murder with no mercy. They could not believe that it had been carried out by a human being and that even satan himself could not commit such a cruel act.

Avi Ochayon, the father of the 2 murdered children
Avi Ochayon, the father of the 2 murdered children holding a dummy (pacifier) in his hand and completely overcome with grief. He buried the dummies with the children. He said that they will use them when they are with G–d in heaven.
Revital Ochayon, the mother who was murdered with her 2 children.
Revital Ochayon, the mother who was murdered with her 2 children.
When the 34-year old father of the 2 boys, who was not at the house at the time of the attack, saw the terrible sight he fell on the ground and was completely overcome with grief. In one moment all his family had been murdered and he felt that his life had gone with them. He asked to be able to die together with them. With tears covering his face he said that he could not live with this terrible thing. It was too great for him. He said that he himself was only a 34-year old child and now he had to say Kaddish (the prayer for the dead) for his 2 small children and all his family. He also said that for 10 years he could not look in the eyes of a woman who had lost one son in another terror attack by a so-called "Palestinian" because the light had been extinguished in her eyes whereas he had lost 3, all his family, including his 2 beautiful and wonderful children. He said that his children each had 2 dummies when they went to sleep, one in their mouths and one in their hands. How could someone murder babies whom he saw with 2 dummies each.

In the 1930's one of the greatest poets of Israel wrote, after visiting the scene of the terrible pogrom in Kishinev (Eastern Europe) where he saw small Jewish children who had been murdered by those who had carried out the pogrom, that even satan himself could not have created such a cruel murder or even the revenge for such a murder.

These murders shocked Israel terribly. Israel is mourning these innocent children, their mother and the other 2 victims who were murdered in this attack. But Israel is strong and trusts in her Almighty G-d. This is the reason that no cruel enemy can break her. As in the past, they have illusions if the terrorists believe that they can achieve their anti-godly and inhuman goals. Their day of judgement is soon to come and they will be utterly defeated.

This was not the first cruel terror attack against innocent Israeli civilians including babies, children, women and old people. We know that the enemies which surround Israel on all sides, so many Arab countries and even in the middle of Israel the terror organisations of the arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, the so-called "Palestinians", want to destroy the godly end-time event of the redemption of the people and land of Israel. Over the past 100 years they have not stopped attacking Israel in wars and cruel terror attacks. During this time they have murdered many innocent Israelis. All these attacks were cruel and inhuman but this attack on Kibbutz Metzer was extremely terrible in its cruelty and so satanic and evil.

People outside Israel do not begin to understand the terrible battle that Israel is facing. The 21 Arab countries and the foreign terrorist settlers in Israel, the so-called "Palestinians" have carried on this war against Israel for more than 100 years with the clear intention of destroying her and murdering all her citizens. On more than one occasion we have heard them state that if one day they should defeat Israel the Holocaust will be nothing in comparison to what they will do. Their point is not so much wanting to take the land of Israel from the Jews but they want to destroy the redemptional end-time Zionist event which G-d is doing in Israel. They want to, and believe that they can, destroy the G-d of Israel, His Word and His people, Israel. They do not want to accept the godly biblical Zionist revolution which G-d is carrying out in this land. They are fighting against the G-d and people of Israel to stop their holy end-time activities to establish the Kingdom of G-d, His house in Jerusalem, His Word and His laws in Israel and all over the world. It is no accident that bin Laden, the Moslem who is the student of the terrorist, Arafat, and all the dictators in the Arab countries declared a terror war against Israel and all the Western World. There is a link between the cruel terror attacks in Israel and the cruel terror attacks perpetrated by these Arab and Islamic terrorists in America, Europe , the Middle East and even the Far East. Their goal is, in cruel ways, to destroy the civilised world based on the Word and Holy Book of the G-d of Israel. They want to force Islam on all the world and to bring the whole world back to the ages of primitive paganism. For so many years Israel has been in the front line of this battle to protect all these values and to bring to pass all G-d's prophetic end-time plans with Israel and all the world. Israel is still in the front line but now all the world is being involved in this battle.

The children’s bedroom with the blood covered beds.
The children’s bedroom with the blood covered beds.
On 13th November, the Israeli army started an offensive against the terrorists in Samaria from where they came to carry out this inhuman attack. The goal of this offensive is to destroy the terrorists’ bases and to capture the terrorists and those who send them to carry out these cruel murders. As we now know, the Israeli army has re-liberated 2 cities , Shechem (which was the capital of the northern Israeli Kingdom in Samaria) and Tulkarem, another biblical city. The Israeli army has been very successful and continues the offensive against the terrorists. Today (14th November) they caught the terrorist who sent the murderer to Kibbutz Metzer and 2 of his assistants. The army is now looking for the murderer himself. After the former offensive a few weeks ago, these 2 cities were evacuated by the Israeli army under pressure from President Bush and the European Union. This was a terrible mistake because it allowed the terrorists to rebuild their bases and to renew their attacks against Israelis. The attack on Kibbutz Metzer was one of a number of terrorists attacks which took place after the Israeli army left the cities. It was a weakness by the Israeli leadership to give in to this pressure which has been paid for in a terrible price of blood. We call on the Israeli Government, especially Prime Minister Sharon, to never give in to any pressure which may come from the powers in the world and to surrender the Israeli interests especially the lives and security of her citizens. Israel must never fear any physical power in the world but only trust in the G-d of Israel and His prophetic end-time promises to Israel. Together with Him, Israel will overcome any human pressure, no matter where it comes from.

Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at Kibbutz Metzer mourning after the attack.
Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at Kibbutz Metzer mourning after the attack. He stated that the Israeli army will not rest until the terrorist murderer is caught and punished and the bases of the terrorists and evil are completely destroyed.
It is so sad that President Bush, the EU and the UN are too blind to see for themselves how this cruel terror attacks their countries and their own citizens in such cruel ways with a terrible price in blood. They all still under more threats from the other arch-terrorist, bin Laden, and the Islamic terrorist organisation of el Quaeda to carry out more cruel terror attacks like the 11th September and the one in Bali, not only against Jews as this murderer stated only recently but against all the western and non-Islamic world. The United States and Europe is now in the bear-hug of Islam and the Moslems of whom many millions continue to immigrate to these countries with the clear goal of controlling them and making them into Islamic countries together with their terror operations. If the United States, Europe and the non-Islamic countries of the world do not wake up from their deep sleep they will soon find that their countries have become Islamic. Today we are witnesses of an Islamic religious war to bring all the world under the control of Islam as has been called for by their religion since the 7th century. This is the biggest imperialist wave of our time. Thanks to the G-d of Israel and the strength and courage that He gives to her soldiers, Israel is stopping this wave. The G-d and people of Israel are saving the entire world from being overcome by this dangerous wave. Because of this, over the last 54 years, the Arab enemies and terrorists have not stopped their efforts to destroy Israel. They know that Israel is the only stumbling block in front of this dangerous wave which is attempting to cover the whole world. The end-time agenda of G-d is completely different to that of these cruel enemies of Israel and the whole world. This is the reason that they have no chance of fulfilling their goals. At the same time, however, G-d expects the entire world to join with Him and Israel in stopping this dark wave and to stand with His redemptional prophetic end-time plans for the sake of their own godly and peaceful futures.

Israel is now living in a very prophetic and godly time. The G-d and people of Israel are marching forward to fulfill G-d’s redemptional end-time plans. This march cannot be stopped or pushed back. G-d is determined to complete what He started in Israel in1948. The enemies of Israel are now fighting their last battle before they will pass away from the holy land which G-d gave to Israel more than 4000 years ago in an eternal godly covenant. Everyone in the world should know that the destiny of all the world is closely related to the destiny of Israel. Their own redemption will only come when the godly redemptional event in Israel is accomplished and when the Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem and Mashiach ben David comes.

We call on everyone in the world whose eyes are too blind to see, or who do not want to understand, to accept this and to remove this blindness and their hearts of stone, to join the G-d of Israel and His prophetic end-time activities with Israel and stand with Israel in her efforts and activities to bring all of G-d’s end-time plans to pass.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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