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More Exciting Information About the King Jehoash Inscription Found on the Temple Mount

The Israeli Geological Institute publishes pictures of the stone and officially confirms its authenticity

The exciting stone discovered on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
The exciting stone discovered on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was written by King Jehoash on a polished black stone.
The Israeli Geological Institute yesterday officially published the results of the research relating to the King Jehoash inscription which was discovered on the Temple Mount together with pictures of the stone and the inscription [see previous article]. The Institute confirmed in this publication that the inscription is completely authentic based on very strong evidence. The Institute officially confirmed that the inscription was written by King Jehoash of Judah and that it describes the repairs to the First Temple as recorded in 2 Kings 12. This confirms the Biblical description. Also yesterday [13 January 2003], famous experts from various areas of expertise (archaeology, history, linguistics, Biblical linguistics, and an expert on the history of the inscription) who checked the inscription also confirmed its authenticity.

The head of the Israeli Geological Institute, Dr. Amos Bain, and the researchers, Dr. Shimon Ilani, Dr. Amnon Rosenveldt and Michael Dvorchik, stated yesterday that many small pieces of charcoal that were found encrusted on the stone and on the inscription were checked in the laboratories of BRD in Florida, USA who confirmed the dating. The head of the Institute and the researchers yesterday presented five basic proofs confirming the authenticity of the inscription:

  1. The patina on and inside the letters is identical with the composition of the encrustation in-between the letters and in the crack. The encrustation is also very firmly and naturally attached to the stone.
  2. Many minute pieces which make up the encrustation are identical to those of the stone itself.
  3. In some examples of the encrustation, which is over the tablet and the inscription, specks of pure gold were found which came from the burning of the Temple described by the prophet Jeremiah.
  4. In some of the letters the edge of the letter is not sharp but ragged.
  5. If the patina on the inscription and the stone had been taken from another place and stuck onto the tablet, the letters of the inscription and the crack, it would be very difficult to hide the fraud because the chemical composition and the components of the glue to affix it would be very easily identified in the laboratory.

A magnified picture of one of the specks of pure gold found on the inscription and stone of King Jehoash.
A magnified picture of one of the specks of pure gold found on the inscription and stone of King Jehoash.
The archaeologist, Dr Gabbi Barka'i, yesterday checked the pictures and the results of the Geological Institute and confirmed the authenticity of the inscription. He stated that the letters are authentic ancient Hebrew and very similar to those used on the Moabite Stone. He said that the text and form of the letters is very good and the confirmation of the Geological Institute makes the case for its authenticity even stronger.

The discovery of the inscription caused great excitement in Israel. Many people were moved by the fact that it was discovered on the Temple Mount and was a part of the First Temple and of the unique time at which it was found. People feel that the timing is no accident and that it is a clear message from the G–d of Israel Himself that time is short, the Temple should immediately be rebuilt and Mashiach ben David is soon to come. People in Israel are also excited by the way in which this important and holy inscription was found and brought to the attention of the public.

As we wrote in the previous article, the stone with the inscription was found by the Arabs during their excavations on the Temple Mount. Their goal was to destroy any evidence of the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount. They began to claim that the Temple Mount is not a Jewish site and not the location of the Temple and that it is only an Islamic site. However, G–d did to them what He did to Bala'am who came to curse Israel and ended up blessing Israel. The same happened here with the inscription of King Jehoash. They wanted to curse Israel by the diggings and destruction of the Jewish identity on the Temple Mount but G–d handled it so specially when He caused them to find this holy stone and inscription. This is such an exciting and clear evidence that the Temple Mount is the location of the Temple and a very Jewish site.

A closer look of part of the inscription of King Jehoash.
A closer look of part of the inscription of King Jehoash. According to research, fraud would be immediately detected in a laboratory. Research proved its authenticity.
We are so thankful to G-d for taking care of His people, Israel, and the unique and exciting ways in which He does this. All along we knew that nobody can fight against G-d and His determined intention to take care of and defend Israel, His holy hill in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem the capital of Himself and the people of Israel and all the land of Israel. Nobody can fight against G-d and His prophetic endtime plans to redeem His people, Israel, to rebuild His house on the same holy hill, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that He gave to His people, Israel. G-d promised Abraham and his seed, Israel, "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you." This message should be learned by everyone in the world who is trying to fight and challenge the G-d and people of Israel, especially the Arab enemies of Israel who are today trying to fight and to destroy the G-d and people of Israel. It is so sad that they do not learn from the experience of so many powers and nations who have tried to do the same down through history. Under the judgement of G-d they have completely disappeared from the platform of history. It is so sad for them that they do not even learn from their own experience and from the history of their battles against the G-d and people of Israel. Who can fight and challenge the Almighty G-d of Israel and His decision and determination of thousands of years to protect and take care of His people, Israel, and the holy land that He gave to them in an eternal covenant?

The Temple Mount is still filled with the remains and holy items from the Temple. We warn the barbaric Arab enemy on the Temple Mount not to even try to touch or destroy them. Both day and night the eyes, heart, and attention of the G-d of Israel are on His people and on His land that He gave to Israel, Jerusalem and the most holy site in the world, the Temple Mount as He promised in His Word. It would be better for them to be careful and fear the anger of G-d and His judgment upon them. The G-d of Israel advises them to leave the Temple Mount alone and to remove themselves from the holy site of G-d and His Temple. He is determined to rebuild the Temple and He will not allow any of His enemies to stop Him.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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