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For the First Time a Seal with Hebrew Writing from the First Temple was Discovered on the Temple Mount

Archeologists: "This is an Exciting Greeting from the House of King David"

Recently, an unprecedented archeological find was made among the rubble removed from the Temple Mount. This rare discovery, made by archeologists Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Tzachi Sweig while sifting this rubble is a broken seal, impression, or bulla written in Hebrew from the time of the First Temple. It was discovered among the earth that the Arabs removed from the Temple Mount during illegal diggings in the area of Solomon's Stables on the Temple Mount. The discovering of the seal raised great excitement in Israel. The seal was made of baked mud and its size is less than one centimetre. It was drawn on a string that tied documents, certificates, and letters. One of the names on the seal ended with the Hebrew letters "yehu". Dr. Barkay stated that this is a direct greeting from the house of King David. He dated the seal to the 6th Century B.C.E. He also said that we can learn new things from the three lines on the seal. The tremendous importance of this discovery is this is the first time that we have a written discovery with Hebrew text from the First Temple age that was discovered on the Temple Mount.

The rubble that Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Tzachi Sweig have been sorting through the last few months was removed from the Temple Mount by the Arabs and dumped in the area of the Kiddron Valley and on a garbage dump not far from there. The rubble came from their digging on the Temple Mount when they built an illegal mosque in the holy area of Solomon's Stables (which were never stables but were an important part of the Second Temple complex). These diggings were undertaken by the Arabs on the Temple Mount to destroy the remains from the First and Second Temple and to convert the Jewish Temple Mount to an Islamic site. This is a terrible desecration of the holy hill of G-d, His Holy Temple, and His Holy Name. It is a terrible crime against the G-d and people of Israel and all the world. When they dumped the rubble from the Temple Mount they not only wanted to desecrate the G-d of Israel and the universe and His Holy Temple and Name but also to contempt them. The late Director of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, Amir Drori stated that it is an archeologic crime against the Jewish people and the whole world. The Israeli Attorney General, Eliakim Rubenstein stated that it was a kick on the history of the Jewish people. It is a shame for the Israeli authorities and all the world that they did nothing to stop this terrible crime and desecration but preferred to ignore it. The judgment of G-d will soon come not only on the Arabs and Muslims on the Temple Mount who did this barbaric anti-godly crime but on all of those who ignored it. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement made a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to immediately stop this terrible crime and the Islamic diggings on the Temple Mount and to prosecute the Arabs who did it. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court did not do anything to stop it and to prosecute the criminals who made it in the name of the terrorist, so called, "Palestinian" Authority and in the name of the Arab countries. They did it as a part of their battle to destroy Israel and to deny that the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the land of Israel were given by the G-d of Israel and the Universe to His chosen people of Israel only in an eternal covenant. They are not only fighting against Israel but they are also trying to fight against the G-d of Israel but they have illusions. They have never learned from the experience of other nations who tried to fight against the G-d and the people of Israel and were defeated and disappeared from the history of mankind. The same will happen to them. The judgment of the G-d of Israel and the Universe is soon to come upon them as well and it will be even more terrible for them. He will never allow anyone in the world to stop His end time prophetic plans and activities with His people Israel as an opening for the redemption of all the world.

This discovery is one of the most exciting discoveries in the last time on the Temple Mount and in the city of King David. About the other discoveries in the city of King David I will write in another separate article later. However, the very exciting discovery on the Temple Mount of the seal and other discovering in the city of King David indicate that we are living in the exciting end times, especially when they come from the house of King David. This is a message from the G-d of Israel to His people to understand and to accept the godly time that they are experiencing and living in now and must no more delay the rebuilding of the Temple and the purification of His Holy mountain and that He is so eager to send Maschiach ben David to be again the King of Israel and all the world. It is no accident that they were discovered at this time and at no other time before. It is a clear message from G-d that it is His timing and that all the end time prophetic events are focused on the Temple Mount, the City of David and the biblical Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is the capital of the G-d of Israel and the Universe as well. Everyone is called on to lift his eyes to the Temple Mount and the biblical Jerusalem for other exciting discoveries and events that will change the life of Israel and all the world.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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